Black Tea

Black Tea

Chinese Black Tea has long been a global favorite from England to India, and from the USA to Russia, and the world markets. Chinese Black Tea was once so heavily valued that it was used for currency in ancient times.  Black Tea has always been the standard when measuring any tea for its flavor and aroma.

Most experts classify Chinese Black Tea into few categories. Black Tea can be flavored, plain, fresh, aged, fermented, raw, compressed, roasted and many other forms.  Black Tea varies by these standards as well as the growing season and the careful hand of the Tea Master during the Black Tea Processing.  In particular, Chinese Black Tea has specific immune system benefits. Many Black Teas are named from their color, their manufacturing process, and the famous areas from where they are grown.

Every Black Tea from China is made from varieties of the Camellia sinensis plant and its leaves. There are even some Chinese Blooming Flower Teas made from Black Tea. Our Black Tea is made from only the best growers and manufacturers of Chinese tea. And, our Black Teas are coveted, as proven by their many awards, for their authenticity, fermentation and perfection through the tea process.

Chinese Black Tea is considered one of the seven necessities of life!

Black Tea Benefits have no adverse black tea side effects and black tea weight loss is the biggest benefit. With the black tea diet plan there is no need for a black tea extract or any concentration for burning fat by accelerating black tea metabolism. Black tea caffeine is very low in comparison to coffee, so...enjoy some Black Tea with or without milk and sugar!

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