White Tea

White tea is recognized for anti-cancer properties as well as getting the highest concentration of anti-oxidants of any kind of tea!

White tea offers immune boosting elements which are also great for clearing the tone and smoothing skin. There are many types of white loose teas including White Peony, Silver Needle and Snow Buds.

A nice tea blend is white loose tea which has a beautiful combination of Silver Needle white tea leaves with pink rose petals. The leaves appear much like little rotor blades with small tufts of white hair, and the scented pink rose bud petals creates the aroma of the rose bouquet. A visually attractive blend having a slightly sweet taste and floral overtones, this white loose tea will wake up all the senses and please the most discerning palate.

Peony White loose tea also called Bai Mu Dan, is made in the finest Chinese tea buds and leaves which are picked early in the spring within the Fujian province. Steamed and dried following picking, the anti-oxidants and flavors from the peony flower are preserved until as soon as of steeping. With a striking appearance of white petals and light green tea extract leaves, this mixture is sure in order to please.

Silver Needle white loose teas or Bai Hao Yinzhen, is an attractive blend of whites and greens, within long and slender leaves. Being among the highest grades of white teas obtainable, and one of the rarest, the silver leaf buds provide a fresh and tangy flavor. The floral undertones provide a delicate astringency, with bold colors along with a sweet aroma and flavor for a far more than satisfying drink.

Snow Bud white loose tea provides a visually exquisite sight, made of toned green leaves and buds of curled metallic tea leaves. Presenting as a positive and amber like color, this brew provides a floral sweetness unlike any other. This tea is fantastic for breakfast or afternoon indulgence, and provides the vitamins of A and C to assist the immune system for colder several weeks.

Another great white tea blend is actually White Pomegranate Pear loose tea, which presents inside a colorful blend of reds, yellows as well as greens. A very subtle and stylish blend, this tea offers a light and naturally sweetened brew. Fruity undertones and vitamin C from rosehips allows the defense mechanisms a wake-up call, while safflower gives proteins that are essential for health.

White loose teas are uncured and unoxidized tea leaves which come from the Camellia Sinensis plant. The actual white loose tea normally contain pals and young leaves, so as to utilize the higher anti-oxidant content in addition to higher level of caffeine. Mostly from Fujian, China this fragrant and delicious kind of tea has been perfected through the years. Add some fresh Litchi fruit for an exotic tonic.

Try our organic white tea and know that you\'re drinking natures best!

Organic White Tea Is Naturally Delicious!

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